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Where are the best areas to invest in Manchester


Manchester is the fastest growing city in the UK, but where is the best place to invest? With the city ever-growing, it is becoming increasingly harder to buy in the right area. This article will highlight the best areas to invest your money in the city.



Best Places to Invest in Salford

A burst of growth and regeneration has turned Salford into a thriving modern hub, making it a highly desired area to live in. Catering for all types of people such as students, families, entrepreneurs and many more. 

Thanks to huge amounts of investment and the development of MediaCityUK, the home of the BBC and ITV, Salford’s economy has been booming and residents can now enjoy a revived and cosmopolitan city culture. But this modern city development hasn’t destroyed its green spaces. Salford remains one of the UK’s greenest cities, so locals can enjoy waterfront, urban and rural living. 

Salford has fantastic public transport connections with central Manchester so you can easily get in and out of city without having to worry about parking. There are lots of MetroLink stops and bus services that run daily to and from central Manchester. 

In terms of investing, the Salford area is generally one of Greater Manchester’s lowest-priced areas for property, so can offer great value to buy-to-let investors. The combination of below-average property prices in Salford, and strong rents, mean that landlords can earn excellent rental yields from Salford property. 


Best Places to Invest in Ancoats

Manchester has seen plenty of regeneration over the past ten years, and many of the areas that were once considered undesirable have been through lots of positive changes. Ancoats is one of these places and if you’re looking for a community vibe with some amazing neighbourhood haunts, it’s the area for you. Its transformation has made it one of the most sought-after inner-city locations, so get in there quick. 

Once the world’s first industrial suburb and beating heart of Manchester, Ancoats has re-emerged as one of the most exciting neighbourhoods in Manchester, and a regeneration success story told worldwide. 

The cool mill-conversion apartments, cobbled streets, and industrial architecture that Ancoats boasts are perfect for people who prefer classic city centre living with more character than modern high rises can offer. There’s a cool community vibe in Ancoats, and it’s really the independent shops, pubs and eateries that make it so special. This is one of the reasons why so many young professionals and millennials love the area. 

Its proximity to the Northern Quarter makes it ideal for those who love to go out – venues such as Night and Day Café and Band On The Wall are within walking distance, as is the iconic Affleck’s Palace. Because of its centrality, the area also has excellent transport links for commuters to other parts of the city. Piccadilly Gardens has a large bus and tram station so you can travel to the suburbs easily to visit friends or family. 

Ancoats has quickly gained a reputation amongst Mancunians as being an interesting place to live, and it’s the type of neighbourhood that can offer a great lifestyle. The brand new, modern apartments and community vibe fit well with what people want and need, and the diversity of housing stock allows people with all different tastes to enjoy the area. 


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