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Monthly Single-Family BTR Market Snapshots

From barely existing in the UK ten years ago, single-family build-to-rent (SFR) has become one of the most dynamic and in-demand asset classes in the property industry. As residents have embraced the sector – attracted by high-quality, well-managed, tenure-secure homes – investor allocations have increased in response to the SFR market’s success and undoubted further potential.

But as a young and growing asset class, definitive data is hard to come by.

To address this, Ascend has teamed up with the Association for Rental Living (ARL - formerly the UKAA) to launch a new monthly series of research reports to give real-time insights and serve as a benchmark for the single-family BTR sector.

Ascend is the UK’s largest third-party operator of SFR, overseeing the leasing and property management of some of the sector’s largest and highest-profile platforms. In total, Ascend manages over 7,000 SFR homes, around two thirds of the entire asset class within the UK, which means it holds the largest set of live operational data for this sub-sector.

Drawing on blended data across all of the stabilised SFR schemes under Ascend’s management, each month we will focus on a specific geographic market, taking a look at everything from rental levels and resident profiles to tenancy lengths and occupancy rates.

Single-Family BTR Market Snapshot: Greater Manchester

May 2024

In the first edition of our new monthly SFR market snapshot reports, we’re covering how this asset class performs within Greater Manchester, arguably the most mature SFR market in the UK.


Area Spotlight report Great Manchester straight

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Expect insights covering:


  • Average rents & trends
  • Rents split by property type
  • Uplifts over past 12 months

Operational overview

  • Unit mix
  • Tenancy lengths
  • Occupancy rates
  • Renewal rates
  • Rent collection
  • Age of homes

Resident demographics

  • Average ages
  • Ages split by property type
  • Income
  • Affordability levels
  • Employment status

Household dynamics

  • Household family sizes
  • Distances moved to SFR schemes
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