When is the best time to sell your home

When is the best time to sell your home?

Thank heavens, spring is finally here!  It’s felt like such a long winter,  but it finally looks like we’re beginning to see some signs of better weather on the way – from the bustling city streets to the quieter suburban villages…everywhere just suddenly seems a bit brighter, doesn’t it?

Now you might be asking “Hey Ascend, we love talking about the weather and everything, but what on earth does that have to do with selling a home?” But we do have a point, promise.

It's all in the seasons

Any property novices out there may not know that the success of selling, buying or renting out a property will have a lot to do with the seasons. It may sound strange but, believe us, there is some truth to it. As self-confessed property buffs, our A-Team have decades of  experience and everyone is pretty much in agreement that there is a clear correlation between homes on the market and the seasons.

Expert insights?

You got ‘em.

- More homes come on the market, and get sold, in the springtime.

- To be specific, we’re saying April onwards is when phones really start to go crazy and properties start disappearing as soon as they arrive.

- For renters, things happen a little bit later and summertime, particularly July and August, is where we really start to see a lot of homes on the market, and tenants knocking on our door.

So why are the spring and summer months better for selling property? Again, we have some thoughts…

- They don’t call it a spring clean for nothing. This is the time of year where we have a clear out, get things organised and things that we may have been putting off for months finally get done. A spring clean can often kick a nesting instinct for a bigger home, a new location or just for a good old fashioned change of scenery.

- It’s also around springtime that those looking at starting a family, or have growing families, need to start thinking about their future homes. It might be to move closer to schools and parks, or for better amenities. If your little’ un is due to start big school in September, then you may as well start looking for a new home in April, right?

- The weather is much nicer…usually – and this makes huge difference! Everyone loves to nosey round a property with the sun shining through the window and the daffodils blooming in the front garden. Plus the evenings start getting lighter which makes it easier viewing properties outside of working hours.

See, it all starts to make sense now, doesn’t it?

Of course, there is no one set rule, and that’s not to say that homes don’t sell or get rented outside of this time. We can only go off the consensus, but there have been known exceptions from time to time. With such high property demand in cities like Manchester these days, and dependent on its location, a property can get snapped up within days, no matter whether you put it on the market in the middle of August or on Christmas Day.

However, if you’re planning on selling your home this year, it might be an idea to get moving as soon as you can, as the spring and summer months will generally attract more buyers to market. Not only does this mean you’re more likely to get the asking price you want for your property, you’re likely to benefit from today’s fastmoving market and get your new home quicker than you think; it’s a win-win.

Want to know another win-win? Using Ascend for all of your property needs of course! We are an award-winning agent with a difference and a strong focus on  offering only the very best service to our fabulous clients.  It’s just what we do. Want to know more? Call us on 0161 636 8336.

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