Were preparing for gdpr

We’re preparing for GDPR

You may have heard or seen many references to GDPR over the last few weeks, and we can assure you that it won’t be slowing down any time before 25th May. You’re likely to have had a sea of emails from a range of companies asking you to re-subscribe or opt-in, and whilst this can be a pain and clutter your inbox short term, it’s actually going to benefit you in the long term.

Let us explain – what exactly is GDPR?

GDPR is, put simply, a significant update to the Data Protection Act. The digital landscape has moved on considerably since the Data Protection Act was introduced and the new GDPR regulation, which has been over 4 years in the making, is here to put you back in control of your data.

The power is now yours.

You control what data companies hold about you.

You can dictate what they can and can’t do with that information.


Good for you – good for us

As a business that relies heavily on technology and digital advances, GDPR is a good thing. We want to communicate with those who genuinely want to hear from us.

We don’t do ‘spam’, it’s just not good practice and let’s be honest, nobody likes unsolicited marketing emails. So whilst the GDPR has been put in place for your protection as a consumer, it’s also great for businesses as we can concentrate our communications towards those who actually want to hear what we have to say.

We too have been reaching out to our clients requesting they update their preferences. Those registered with us are privy to a number of perks such as:

  • Gaining exclusive access to new properties before they're listed on the market
  • Reading the latest property news which may affect your property search
  • Accessing helpful money saving hints and tips which could save you a small fortune 

If you’d like to pick the updates you want to receive, we’ve made it as simple as possible. Click here to manage your preferences.

It’s worth noting that we’ll never spam you. And we’ll only send you relevant information which you have opted to receive. You have the opportunity to opt-out at any time in the future.

By not taking action, you could be missing valuable property alerts and helpful hints and tips which help give you the competitive edge.You’ll also no longer receive updates from us as of 25th May 2018. But that’s fine, you can also opt back in any time you want by re-registering on our site.

See, we're a helpful bunch after all. If you have any questions, hit this button and we'll be more than happy to help.

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