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We’re offering rental guarantee on your properties!

Rental Guarantee & Legal cover service

In 2019 we launched a brand-new service offering rental guarantee and legal cover services to our landlords through a partnership with Let Alliance, a specialist service provider supporting the private rental sector.

With recent surveys showing rent arrears to still be the main concern for many landlords in the private rental sector, this service guarantees rental income even if your tenant defaults. In the current climate, any level of certainty goes a long way and we are proud to offer this in the form or rent assurance.

Here’s an overview of this service:

  • 100% rent protection, zero excess

  • Rent paid for 6 months or until vacant possession is gained, whichever is sooner

  • Policies are payable either annually or monthly 

  • Available for new tenancies

  • Available for existing tenancies

  • Legal costs to obtain possession of the property if the tenant fails to pay the rent. Court attendance included as part of the service

  • Policy is per property, and fully transferable to ensure continuous cover even when tenants change (subject to satisfactory references)

  • Policies are paid annually 

For more information, please contact your Portfolio Manager. This guarantee can be commenced mid tenancy as it is not necessary to re-reference your tenant to qualify, and there is no exclusion period making this service the easiest decision you will have probably made all year!


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