Warming up for winter

Warming up for winter

Winter is here... 

It’s that time of year again already. The nights are drawing in, the hot chocolates are out and the big, fluffy coats are even starting to make an appearance. Winter is definitely on its way, and while there’s lots to look forward to at this time of year (mulled wine, anyone?), you can’t deny that it can be a bit tiring being so cold all.. the.. time..

Don’t get us wrong, we love wrapping up warm in our coats and scarfs (and gloves and hats and earmuffs…this is Manchester after all), but even that doesn’t seem to keep the frostbite at bay when you’re out all night getting your festive groove on at the Christmas markets. And sure, we all love that feeling of getting home and whacking up the central heating, but while our freezing toes may thank us, our energy bills certainly don’t.

Winter is a costly enough season as it is, and adding on the extra cash it costs to cover your heating  being on full blast 24/7 doesn’t exactly help. Lucky for you, there are ways to keep the fuel costs down without having to live in the climate of a snowman. 

Here’s a few tips to keep your home nice and toasty without breaking the bank:

1)      Draught excluders:

 They may sound a wee bit old fashioned, but your granny had one of these for a reason. You can pick these up pretty cheap (or even make one yourself if you’re feeling crafty) and put them under all your doors to keep the heat in.

2)      Double glazing: 

Energy efficient and still keeps you warm… this is pretty much a no brainer. This is generally included on newer build properties anyway and, luckily for tenants there are rules for landlords to make properties more energy efficient so this shouldn’t be something you need to worry about.

3)      Don’t block radiators: 

That sofa you moved as part of a Feng Shui attack - If it’s blocking the heater, it might be an idea to rearrange. Large pieces of furniture will absorb the heat from the radiator when placed in front of it which will waste energy and money too.

4)      Layers: 

An obvious one, maybe, but jumpers and thermal PJs are your best friend at this time of year. So when you’re feeling the chill, think about throwing on a cardigan before you crank that heater up.

5)      If all else fails… 

curl up in bed, pop the telly on and treat yourself to a duvet day. It’ll keep you warm in the comfort of your own home and won’t cost you a penny. Go on, we won’t tell anyone.

Don't get left out in the cold this winter, if you're looking for a new place to “chill”, Ascend can help. Our award-winning team at our Manchester or Liverpool estate agent office would love to see you guys find your perfect home and are always on hand to help you when you need it most. Even though we're based in Manchester and Liverpool, we deal with properties up and down the country, so chat to us today on 0161 637 8336 to see what we can do for you.  

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