Top tips for renting in manchester

Top tips for renting in Manchester

So, you’ve made the decision to move to Manchester. Firstly, let us just say that you won’t regret it. It’s not been voted as ‘the best city to live in’ for nothing. Twice!  

Secondly, if you’re new to the area, you may need a bit of a helping hand with your search… this is where we come in. There’s a load of things you may not be totally familiar with; the surroundings, the transport system, where the doctors are, or more importantly… where the nearest pub is! For those of you who are excited, yet a little daunted by moving to one of the UK’s biggest cities for the first time, then let us take you by the hand and guide you to becoming a top class Manc. You’ll be a pro before you know it.

There’s a lot of stuff you need to know about this city, and not just when it comes to property. This place is like no other!

- Know where to go

Manchester is a pretty big place. The city centre is a thriving hub of activity with anything and everything you could possibly want. Bars, clubs, restaurants, museums, galleries, two world-class football clubs and the rest. It’s a bustling place to be and so full of life; it’s well worth exploring to find the ideal spot for you. There are a few pockets within the city that form their own little hub, such as the Northern Quarter, for that cool and quirky vibe, the Gay Village which is home to some beautiful building conversions and stunning architecture (not to mention one heck of a good night out) and Spinningfields for the more sophisticated city dweller.

It’s not all about the city centre though, there’s the newly regenerated Salford Quays, the creative hub, MediaCityUK, the up-and-coming hotspot of New Islington, the historical Ancoats area and so many other places to look for your new home, each one offering something totally different. Be sure to do your research and try to look around as many areas as possible before you narrow down which areas you want to live in.

- Work out your budget

Compared to a big city like London, Manchester is pretty affordable when it comes to property and renting, hence why everyone flocks here to live. However, as is the same anywhere, prices vary depending on a number of factors such as property location, size and even proximity to transport links etc.

Apartments are a good place to start for any first time Manchester renter. They’re usually a nice size, pretty reasonable on price and easy to come across, plus it’s a great option for anyone who wants to share with a friend or a partner. Take a look at some average rents in the area you like and see how much you can realistically afford each month, remembering to take into account bills and other outgoings, and then take it from there.

- Have an open mind

Whilst you may have a clear idea of what you want from a property, sometimes you do have to be prepared to compromise. Don’t dismiss a place just because it looks a bit iffy in the photos you see online, or if you’ve gone to view it and the current tenants have left it in a bit of a messy state. Try and see the bigger picture, look at the area, the fixtures, the local amenities and the like.

- Be prepared…

…For some serious fun! Manchester is a fantastic city and there’s so much to see and do. When you live here, you have all this right on your doorstop (or at the very least only a tram ride away) so you can make the most of it. Find your favourite hangouts, check out the local markets, go to a gig, perfect your Manchester accent…the list goes on.

If you’re looking for a property to rent in Manchester, or you have a property you’re looking to let out, give our team at Ascend a call. We know this city inside and out and we’re always more than happy to offer our help and advice to any first timers in the city. We pride ourselves on our customer service skills and our property knowledge is second to none. If you want to find out more, give us a call today on 0161 637 8336. 

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