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The Building Safety Fund

Building Safety Fund

The government has launched a new £1 billion Building Safety Fund to remove dangerous cladding from high rise buildings across the UK. This fund is for the alteration of buildings 18-meter-high and over and should be applied for by building owners. This will remove unsafe non-ACM cladding systems on residential buildings across both the private rental sector and social housing sector. 

The Building Safety was launched on 26th May 2020 by the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP and will also see all new high-rise buildings of 11 meters and more fitted with sprinkler systems. This Fund takes the total government spend on cladding remediation to £1.6 billion – money well spent on residents, landlords and their properties across the UK.

It has been noted that acting on cladding remediation should be an absolute priority and building owners who are already in the process of remediating their cladding should continue to do so where possible and only seek government funding if necessary. The Housing Secretary has also agreed with local leaders that work on this can start safely during COVID-19.

For more information regarding The Building Safety Fund head over to the Government website.

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