Summer property boom hits the uk

Summer property boom hits the UK

We may moan at times, but there is often nothing better than the great British summer. Those rare glimmers of sunshine, longer nights and blooming meadows never fail to get the nation out and about. Everything just seems that little bit lighter and brighter.

One thing that certainly seems to pick up, is our interest in property. New reports have said that over the past three years, 20% more homes are sold during August in comparison to the average sales from other months - a pretty big difference by our standards. So why is August the most popular time to buy?

Spring time is often the prime time to be house hunting. The holiday season is well and truly out the way and it’s likely that we have a bit more spare cash around this time (or at least more than we have in the run up to Christmas!). Also, many people plan to start families in the summer and look for bigger, or more suitable homes to accommodate their expansion. Therefore, the chain starts here. The more people planning to move house, the more properties spring onto the market. The same principal stands for rented properties as contracts come up to renewal and people start to look at what else is on the market.  

So, given this is the most popular time for us to be upping sticks, we came up with a few handy tips to make life easier when you’re flying from one nest and moving into another:

  • Renters moving out – remember to clean everything. And we mean everything. Be sure to hand keys back on time and check everything is present from the original inventory. If you’re moving into another rented property, fees will be required upfront, as well as a deposit and first month’s rent, so it can be costly. It can take up to a few weeks to get your old deposit back too so make sure you have plenty of funds to cover this or you may end up out of pocket for a few weeks. Not ideal when you need to kit out your new pad.
  • Buying your first home – you may be keen to move in but the buying process can take months to go through and additional funds will be required for solicitors fees, valuations etc. Plan wisely and buy furnishings in the run up to your move in date so you at least have the bare essentials by the time you move in. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has moved into their brand new home and not had a bed to sleep on!
  • Set time aside – there is nothing worse than rushing a move. If you can take time to pack, prepare and rope in as many friends and family to help you then you’re on to a winner. They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can ever do, but do it right and it’ll feel like a breeze.
  • One final tip…enjoy it! It may feel like absolute chaos at times but any house move marks a big change and it can be an exciting step towards your future. If nothing else, it’s always a great excuse for a housewarming party.

Manchester may not always be sunny, but it certainly shines - take a look at the wide range of properties we have available here in and around the city. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then we’ve got properties across the UK to suit every budget and lifestyle, all in great locations too. Get in touch online today or call us at the office on 0161 637 8336. 

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