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Introducing a new series from Ascend, that explores the top headlines of the last month. We will look at some of the leading articles in the industry and how they affect you as landlords. We don't just want to give you a link, but a spin on the story and why it's one to look out for. Click the titles to read more.


Video tours set to play a key role in sales and letting Market 

Our YouTube channel has had over 150,000 views since the pandemic started and video tours are only becoming more popular. With some of our tenants letting properties through video viewings alone, will this change hasten the speed of the rental market? Click here to see one of our recent video tours. 


Major shift emerging in rental trends as tenants favour long-term options

Covid-19 has further impacted the rental market, with tenants favouring properties available within the next year over those available immediately. As we continue to vaccinate thousands a day normality will swiftly return and, from the sounds of this, we’re heading towards a lettings boom.


Larger homes saw the fastest rent rises during Q4 2020

Rent prices are ‘ascend’ing! With property rents rising across the board, property week published a great article on how the rents for larger properties are rising more rapidly. Does this mean large houses make for a better investment? 


Young adults delay plans to buy due to stamp duty rise 

The stamp duty presented a very welcome opportunity to move house for millions, but has the uncertainty put more people off? Property Wire have looked at how 69% of young first time buyers suspending their plans to get on the property ladder. Does this mean letting will continue to boom?


And that's it for this month! Keep an eye on out for next month's newsletter. 


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