Property in the city numbers from the north west

Property in the City: numbers from the North West

We’re proud to call ourselves a national agent. We may have been born in Manchester, but our top notch service and flair for property has allowed us to spread far and wide. Now with a recently opened new office in Liverpool and an array of properties available on our books in the surrounding North West area, we reckon we’re much more than just your average high street agent.

We like to be in the know. Keeping our ears to the ground and our eyes on the latest trends, we feel it’s our responsibility to keep all our lovely clients up to speed too – after all, we all know that it pays to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the property market, right?

So, we’ve done some research of our own and picked out some of what we think is the necessary information when it comes to property in your area.  Everything from house prices to the most popular streets, we’ve done our digging so now is the time to grab a brew, sit back and take a look at what we found:


In Manchester…

·         Manchester property prices have risen by an impressive 9% since April 2016. A winner for those looking to move as you’ll get a generous return.

·         Have you bought a property in Manchester this year? If so you are one of the 11,395 property sales that have taken place in the city over the last 12 months.

·         It’s all been going on for Cambridge Street (M1) – this street has seen the most transactions in the last 3 months.

·         If you bought in Manchester over 5 years ago, your house price is likely to have risen by a whopping 21%!

·         Flats have become more popular than ever as 27% of all property sales in the city were for apartments.


In Liverpool…

·         Want to know where all the action is? Over the last three months, the street with the most property transactions has been Bridgewater Street (L1).

·         Research found the most popular property type over the last 12 months has been apartments. This type of property accounted for a huge 35% of all property sales in the city!

·         House prices have increased by 7% in Liverpool over the last five years. If this is anything to go by, think how much your home could be worth by 2022

·         The city is more popular than ever as over the entire province of Liverpool, there has been 7,372 property sales this year.


Some pretty impressive stats if we do say so ourselves. We may be biased since both our offices are North West based, but judging from these findings it certainly does seem like the Northern Powerhouse is booming! We’d love to know what you think about these findings – drop us a tweet or DM on our Twitter page to let us know your thoughts!

Are you looking for a new home in the North West? Let Ascend help you find your perfect property. We’re ideally placed to help you find your new northern home and are experts when it comes to all things property, whether you’re renting, selling or buying! To find out more, give our team a call via our contact page here.

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