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Pause on repossession comes to a close

Pause on reposession comes to an end

The initial pause on repossessions was put in place on 20th March 2020 across England and Wales for 90 days with the potential to be extended. As we come towards the end of July, the announcement that the pause is coming to an end is great news for landlords. As of 24th August 2020, repossession cases across the UK will resume putting more power back into the landlords hands over their property.

It has been noted that there could be as many as 62,000 landlord possession claims to be processed (across England and Wales) after 5 months of paused activity, so having a date in place which shows the light at the end of the tunnel can be used as peace of mind during difficult circumstances.

The National Residential Landlords Association has requested that courts prioritise “cases where possession orders were granted prior to lockdown or where rent arrears have nothing to do with the COVID pandemic.”

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