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New Enquiries Up 36% Year on Year

New Enquiries Up 36% Year on Year

New enquiries to UK Estate Agents this month have been incredibly buoyant, up 36% year on year. With the further restrictions imposed by the tier 4 lockdowns, and a shortening of the five-day Christmas bubble period to just one day, people seem to be swapping Christmas shopping for visiting estate agents online. 

Traffic to agent websites is 30% higher than the same week last year – delivering 25% more vendor leads, 35% more buyer leads, and 11% more landlord leads – as people rush to get into the market before the end of year holiday period. 

Yomdel, a service that provides 24/7 managed live chat, services 3,800 estate agent offices in the UK. They have analysed the data and leads captured in live chats from January 2019 to early December 2020, and have found that estate agents handle more than 1.5m chats per year! Over this two year period, the website visitor data covered in excess of 45 million unique website visits. 

These chats were further analysed to show their average engagement values, questions asked, new business leads generated, and compared to a period of 62 weeks prior to lockdown. This has found tenants to be the stars of the show, with leads generated on online chats rising by an amazing 10%, 52% higher than the same week last year. With online behaviours only increasing this is set to rise further in 2021. 

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