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Manchester Secures £50m Funding For Development Of 5,500 Homes

Manchester secures £50m for housing

Manchester City Council has been supported by Greater Manchester Combined Authority as a partner in their bid for a brilliant 20-hectare development of brownfield land which will also support the initial phases of the Northern Gateway Project. This particular area will cover the development of the planned City River Park which will incorporate St Catherine’s Wood as part of a network of public open space as well as improvements along River Irk and works to improve flood resilience along the banks.


This development will see 5,500 homes built over the next 10 years with funding of £51.6m from the Governments Housing Infrastructure fund, creating 7 brand new neighbourhoods, green spaces and public spaces. Amazingly, this funding will deliver a minimum of 3,000 affordable homes for Mancunians while also developing walking and cycling routes and, crucially, new road access across the gateway area.

The Northern Gateway is a whopping 155-hectare development with the potential to provide 15,000 new homes in the next 15-20 years. As mentioned earlier, this project will include a minimum of 3,000 affordable homes for Northerners to thrive in and focuses on the north of Manchester City Centre. The Far East Consortium is the council’s selected investment and delivery partner for the Northern Gateway Project which will also include space for new enterprises, bars and shops, facilities for health, education and public spaces.


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