Landlords why liverpool should be your next investment move

Landlords – why Liverpool should be your next investment move

If you’re an investor, you’ll be more than aware of Liverpool’s ever growing status as  a buy to let hotspot. Over the last few years, the north has prospered and this in turn has attracted investors and landlords from across the country (and the world) who have realised just how awesome our northern cities are (and we can’t say we can blame them).

Thanks in part to the Northern Powerhouse initiative Liverpool is an ever attractive place. There are some huge regeneration projects happening in the city such as the Liverpool Waters project and its sister scheme, Wirral Waters – these two alone will boost the economy, jobs and continue to propel Liverpool into a pretty fantastic place to be. Let’s see what makes Liverpool such an ideal place to invest in property:

Development is booming!

There are some amazing new schemes underway and developers are working hard to meet the housing demand with some prime stock coming to market. A perfect example is the creation of a new residential district on the Central Docks from Peel Group; there’s so much going on in Liverpool’s property market it’s getting difficult to keep up. Safe to say that there are more than enough investment opportunities out there for you landlords to get your hands on. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a 22.8% increase in house prices predicted over the next few years, so now is the time to consider investing.

Tenant demand is high

Of course, with so many new properties popping up left, right and centre, the demand for rental property in Liverpool has shot up. The city’s four major universities may make it a popular student hub (a whopping 70,000 students in total) but the number of students who stick around after graduation is higher than the average, so there are tonnes of graduates and young professionals looking for their perfect rental property. Clearly, you won’t be short of potential tenants in this city! Specialists have also predicted that Liverpool will also see a 17.6% rise in rental prices over the next 4 years.

Regeneration has transformed the city

A £1.5 billion regeneration project was announced back in 2014, and since then Liverpool has seen a whole heap of changes. The huge Liverpool One shopping complex is one of the largest in all of Europe, which sees thousands of people step through its doors every day.  Not to mention the regeneration of the Docks which are now one of the biggest tourist attractions of the city –those waterside views are unbeatable! Liverpool is constantly improving its infrastructure to make it a city for the people, so much so that it even begins to rival some of its other northern neighbours.

A thriving place to be

We could give a thousand more reasons as to why Liverpool is the ideal city for your next investment property but the place pretty much speaks for itself. Having been named the European City of Culture back in 2008, the city has just not stopped blossoming. From its growing property prices, right down to its strong rental yields (average in the city is 6.6%), it’s really the perfect city for investment, so what’s stopping you?

Looking to invest in Liverpool? We’re here to help. Our A-Team offer unrivalled knowledge in the buy to let sector and are more than happy to help you start your property journey. With a brand new office in Liverpool city centre, we’re perfectly placed to stay up to date with all the city’s latest property trends. Call us today and chat to one of our friendly team on 0151 305 2577.

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