If you hadn’t noticed already, we love social media. If you’re not following us… why the devil aren’t you? FYI, you can reach us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Anyhow, for those who do reach out to us, many of you will have seen our #FreeCoffeeFriday posts featuring our very own #AscendBlend. We’re also partial to an extra sweet cupcake on the odd occasion too – it is Friday after all.

For those who might be waking up a bit bleary eyed and confused as to why half of Manchester is walking around with purple ‘Ascend’ cups, we’ll fill you in on the details.

You might remember when we opened our new flagship branch on Deansgate a few months ago. The buzz of city life, the friendly faces that pass our door every day, we couldn’t have asked for anything better. To celebrate our expansion and reach out to the good people and businesses of Manchester, we wanted to do something a little different. Armed with a coffee machine, the creation of our very own Ascend blend, handmade cakes and purple cups as far as the eyes could see, we took to the streets of our much loved city.

What initially started as a launch initiative has quickly become part of everyone’s Friday routine. We have regular faces queuing up to grab their Friday coffee in the morning rush to work, we’ve delivered coffee and cake to Manchester’s best radio stations (and got shoutouts on air (thanks guys!) and during that one manic hour between 8am-9am, we get to meet & greet hundreds of fellow Manchester peeps – life is great! Giving everyone a little pick-me-up and helping them feel a little brighter, more awake and alert for the day has left us with a warm and fuzzy feeling on a chilly January morning.

In fact, #FreeCoffeeFriday was such a huge hit during the last few months of 2015, we’ve decided to roll it over to 2016 – because we’re nice like that. So, if you’re in Manchester on a Friday between 8am and 9am, you know what do to…

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