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Everything you should know about an EICR

Everything you should know about an EICR








An EICR tests the installation of the electrics within the property (not appliances) and checks circuits, sockets, light fittings and wiring. It involves conducting live testing and also checking that the system reacts correctly to any issues that may occur. An EICR enables the electrician to identify any potential issues/hidden defects (that cannot be observed during a visual inspection) before they become an issue. This means that issues can be resolved before they become major and your tenants remain safe in the property.

New regulations making it a legal requirement to possess an up to date EICR in England and the Private Rented Sector will come into play as of July 2020. Should you be asked by a tenant, managing agent or the local authorities, you must provide a valid certificate within 30 days.

If you fail to have a valid certificate in place for new tenancies as of April 2020 and existing tenancies as of April 2021, the government will hand out large fines and there is also a possibility of a prison sentence.

For more information or any queries, please contact your Portfolio Manager.

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