Ever had an agent just not turn up

Ever had an agent just not turn up?

We all know viewings can be a real pain. Not managing expectations and downright dumps are amongst our pet peeves. But what if you got all excited, found your perfect pad online, and arrived at your viewing to find the agent – the one supposed to be showing you around – had gone AWOL? No call. No text. No email. Just hadn’t turned up.

Our clients story

Well that’s exactly what happened to a young couple we met recently. After they’d taken time out of their busy day and made their way to the apartment, they found that they’d been stood up. Without so much as a phone call to explain.

Luckily, help wasn’t far behind. Ascend’s very own property consultant, Rob, just so happened to be scheduled at the same development ready to show some prospective tenants around. And in a bid to ensure everything was ready for his viewing, Rob arrived early to see this couple stood outside.

Now, being the nice chap that he is, he got chatting. As you do. And after hearing that they’d been let down by another agent, he offered to show them around some of the properties listed with Ascend in the same apartment block. Not stopping there, Rob gave the couple all the background information they needed on the area and the building. He also answered all the questions they fired at him, just so their trip wouldn’t have been such a waste after all. Because he’s nice like that.

So, not only did this lovely couple end up getting their viewing, but ended up bagging their dream apartment too. Chuffed with how a bad start actually turned out to be pretty awesome, they ended up signing the papers with an agreement to move in at the end of this month.

We’re sure they’ll both love their new home. Almost as much as we love receiving this:

Their review of Ascend

“After being stood up by another letting company we got chatting to Robert while he was waiting to show other potential tenants around a property - he gave us lots of valuable information about the property and the area, he then offered to show us round after his current viewing so we got to see a flat in the block we were planning on looking round. He showed us round a couple of properties, telling us all the information we would need, in an informative but not at all overwhelming way. Robert was nothing but helpful and really put us at ease, which is exactly what you need when embarking on a potentially scary situation as flat searching.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Robert and the rest of the team if they're anywhere as helpful as he is!”

What could have been an unfortunate situation ended up with happy faces all round. There’s nothing that we love more than a good success story, and we’re so happy that this lovely couple got the home they deserve.

Ascend aren’t like the others on the market. Give us a call and you’ll soon find out why. If you’ve been let down by other agents in the past, why not give us a call on 0161 637 8336 to see how we can help? 

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