Ascend vs online agents

Ascend vs. online agents

We know estate agents have a bit of a reputation. If you’ve ever had to deal with a bad one, we feel your pain. There’s nothing worse than mismanaged expectations; someone promising you the world and totally failing to deliver. Frustrating isn’t even the word.

Since our inception, we have strived to shake off the negative stereotype of estate agents. Buying, selling, managing or renting a property is a big deal in anyone’s book and should be treated as such. So from day one, our aim has been to convince the masses that we’re different. That we have broken the mould. That we put our clients first and keep the promises we make. 
For some, the introduction of online estate agents has been a god-send. You can supposedly welcome a new-fangled way of selling and buying property. And this works… for some people. For others, it has left them with managing tyre-kickers, struggling to negotiate prices and a severe lack of that ‘personal touch’.

We often get asked what the benefits are to using a traditional estate agent (although we like to think we’re way ahead of conventional entities), here’s our take on it: –

• Knowing the market


We’re pretty confident in saying that nobody knows Manchester quite like we do. Although we operate nationally as a business, Manchester is our home and we know it like the back of our hands. While online agents may list your properties on the main portals to attract buyers, can they really sell the benefits of your location? Of your neighbouring towns? Of all the local amenities and attractions on your doorstep? Do online agents understand exactly what today’s buyers want from their homes and help you to convince viewers that your property is the one for them? Think about it.

As agents, we know everything that’s happening in Manchester. We know our market and we know it well. You’re not just ‘using an agent’, you’re taking advantage of our decades of experience.

• Targeted and qualified buyers


Nobody likes a time waster. One of the most annoying aspects you’ll experience as a vendor is a tyre-kicker. Or several of them. They may come and have a nosey at your interior, at your layout, at your garden… but they have absolutely no intention of buying. How do you or you online agent prevent this from happening?

Our team qualify each and every person well before they step through the front door. We establish their buying position, financial stance and ensure that they are 100% serious with their property search. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

• Finely tuned marketing


We can reach people on a pretty big scale. Yes, we do the usual agent bumf of listing your properties on the main portals but hand on heart, we do so much more.

Our team utilise state of the art systems to match our motivated buyers with their perfect home. We market all properties to our extensive list of qualified buyers who are ready to proceed. We utilise the powers of PR (which is why you’ll often find us in national titles such as The Times and the Sunday times, in addition to regional press like the Manchester Evening News) and we go way beyond the mark with our social media presence. We know which buttons to press… and when. Never underestimate the power of the A-Team.

Obviously the huge power with being online is that your customers have access to you whenever they need it. This is why many agents utilise their websites and why many of our clients contact us out of hours via social media. However, we also have a trick which no other agent in Manchester city centre has… our innovative touchscreen. A huge 58% of users browse properties on our touchscreen out of hours to register/book viewings. How cool is that?

• Viewings with a difference


Do online agents give you tailored advice on how to stage your property appropriately? Do they hold your hand through the entire process? Do they organise a killer open house session? Didn’t think so.

We don’t just stick a date in the diary and hope for the best. We go the extra mile on every. single. viewing. We give personalised advice on how to make the most out of your interior features to make buyers go weak at the knees. Plus, we have top notch photographers who know how to get your place looking as snazzy as possible. That’s not all either, just take a little look at what Rob got up to on a viewing last year. See… we’re totally not just your standard agent.

 A packed house


Our open house viewings create a mass buzz and generate over asking price offers pretty much every single time. Click here to see our latest open house where the vendor achieved 107% of asking price as a result of our advice, organisation and highly targeted marketing. Boom!

Will an online agent help you organise a super-slick open house session? Will they greet your (pre-qualified) viewers, showcase every element of your property, organise refreshments and follow-up every single person after the event? Will they create a relaxed and informal atmosphere to totally relax buyers who want a non-pressurised environment?

• Negotiation skills


We know how difficult it can be to haggle and persevere with negotiations to get what you want. As a vendor, you don’t want to put yourself in the position of negotiating. Even more so when you’ve potentially already met (and had a good chin-wag) with the buyer. It can become pretty awkward.

At Ascend, our negotiating skills are second to none. We work for you, act on your behalf and ensure that both parties end up with what they want. Win-win! Just one of the many reasons why we have 5* reviews across the board.

• Quick progression


We’re not the type to dilly dally around. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to do things thoroughly and precisely within a reasonable timeframe. Juggling mortgage advisors, solicitors, removal firms, utility companies can be an utter hassle, however, we have no problem in giving everyone a little nudge as and when it’s needed. We don’t accept dawdlers on our watch.

If you’re looking to buy or sell your property, you can rely on the A-Team. We work non-stop to help our clients and we’ve always got new tricks up our sleeves to ensure we are one step ahead of the game. To find out more, give us a call on 0161 637 8336.

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