Ascend the tech savvy agent

Ascend – the tech-savvy agent…

Since we live in an increasingly digital world, smartphones, tablets and laptops have basically become an essential part of our lives that we’d struggle to live without.

New research this month has shown we actually spend more time looking at digital media devices in one single day than we do sleeping at night! More than 80% of us never actually switch our phones off, even when sleeping, proving we are a nation of full-on tech lovers (even if we could do with a bit more shut eye!).

While some other agents may have shied away in favour of old-school, traditional practices, our guys at Ascend have fully embraced the online world. As we say, we are built on higher standards and we’re never too afraid to do things a little differently, much to the delight of our many happy clients.

Here’s a couple of things we offer to our army of techy supporters:

  • Facetime Viewings

It may sound strange, but we get tonnes of requests each month from potential tenants asking if they can simply reserve a property without viewing it. This is usually down to time restrictions, work relocations or family commitments, and whilst one may think that it’s easier to reserve a property from a listing, it’s not great if you get to moving in day and you don’t like the ‘flow’ of the place, or it’s not quite how you imagined it to be. We’re sure you’ll agree, it’s not the best use of anyone’s time. This is why we’ve often recommended that potential tenants view properties via the smartphone app, Facetime. That way, our future tenants get to have all the perks of viewing the property without having to leave their own home. They proved themselves to be so popular, we even went one step further and did video walk throughs of some of our most popular developments, meaning you don’t even have to book a viewing. The wonders of modern technology, ey?

  • Online Self-Service System

Ascend have an online self-service system accessible for tenants 24/7. It has everything you could ever need on there from property manuals, contact details and handbooks; so all your documents are there at your fingertips right when you need them. Tenants can get in touch with their landlords, or us here at Ascend, all without leaving the sofa. Easy peasy.

It’s not just our tenants who benefit, many of the landlords we come across don’t just have one or two properties, they can have 10, 20 and sometimes even up to 100. As you can imagine, it is no easy task trying to keep on top of them all (and that’s obviously our job!). With our simple online system, landlords can log in and check on every single one of their properties whilst relaxing in the comfort of their own home with a brew. See, it’s not just tenants who have access at their fingertips.

  • Request Repairs 24/7

There’s nothing more annoying when something goes wrong at the evening or weekend knowing that offices are closed and you can’t get in touch with anyone. We know that a broken boiler isn’t acceptable and while we always strive to be available at all hours of the day, sometimes that can’t always happen. However, our handy button allows tenants to request a repair at any time of day, meaning that your problem can be dealt with by the right people as soon as possible. Not bad, huh?

We love that technology has been able to make life even easier for our clients. We always aim to stand out from the rest and offer services that other high street agents just won’t do. To find out more, you can make an enquiry online or give us a ring on 0161 637 8336. 

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