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Ascend Properties Climb Snowdon for the Homeless



On Saturday 11th September, over 30 members of the Ascend Properties team set off to Wales to take on the daunting Mount Snowdon via the Llanberis path, all in aid of raising money for our chosen charity – Embassy

Embassy are a Manchester-based Homeless charity which began its journey by repurposing a tour bus to provide emergency shelter and support to vulnerable adults. They provide food and shelter, and they also provide individuals with essential life coaching to help them reintegrate into society. They have a Resettlement Team who work closely with individuals to give them the tools and advice to gain employment so they can save up for their first month’s rent and deposit for their own home.  

Mt. Snowdon, which is a staggering 3,560 ft tall and is the 3rd Tallest Mountain in the UK, takes around 6 hours on average to complete from start to finish. It took us around 5 hours to complete – which is well below the average time of 6 hours for the Llanberis Path.

Our goal was to raise £500 for Embassy, but with the overwhelming generosity of our team and their family and friends, we have actually managed to raise just under £1000. Ascend has also pledged to match the total amount of money we have in the pot which effectively doubles this to bring our grand total to around £2000, with more donations still coming in!

Our Managing Director - Ged McPartlin said:

"I couldn’t be more proud of the people who took part. To get up early on your day off and climb one of the UK’s tallest mountains to raise money for charity just shows the type of people we have working here, and what an amazing cause it was all in aid of! Unbelievable effort.“

“The fact that we set our fundraising goal at £500, and have actually managed to raise almost double that amount, which will become 4 times that amount with the Ascend-matched donation, with donations still coming in is just amazing, so a big thanks to everybody who has donated.”

To make a donation visit our team’s fundraising page via the link below. 

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