8 out of 10 tenants love their landlord

8 out of 10 tenants love their landlord

Do tenants and landlords really argue?

Tenants versus landlords. It’s one of those common misconceptions that the pair are always at loggerheads. We know it’s not true, as do our very own tenants and landlords. It’s just one of those old stereotypes that never really goes away.

But that’s all changed as there is now definitive proof that both parties have been getting on better than ever. New research has shown that a phenomenal 81% of tenants are more than happy with their current landlord, making them practically best friends.

And it’s not just landlords that tenants love, it’s everything. From rental prices to tenancy agreements, tenants are very happy when it comes to their living circumstances.

Here’s what a selection of tenants had to say about their homes:

  • 82% say their rented property feels like home
  • 70% say they feel their rent is good value for money
  • 35% plan to stay in some form of private rented accommodation for the foreseeable future
  • 57% are happy with their tenancy agreement
  • 17% who asked their landlord for a longer tenancy were given the go-ahead

The research was carried out by a reputable mortgage lender in the first quarter of the year. It spanned across 500 tenants who are currently living in the private rented sector, so a pretty fair representation we reckon.

At Ascend, we’re totally over the moon that tenants are happy with their experience of private renting. Of course, there are small disputes from time to time, but overall we’re pleased to see such positive statistics. Just one look at our reviews page demonstrates exactly how much love our clients have for us, it’s one of the many reasons why we have huge smiles plastered on our faces.

 If you’re looking for an independently run, independently minded estate agent with a difference, give us a call today at our Manchester Office on 0161 637 8336 or Liverpool Office on 0151 305 2577. If you prefer you can submit an enquiry online.

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