Pause in Repossessions

Pause in Repossessions








The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has officially put a pause on all ongoing and future housing possession claims for at least 90 days to ensure individuals and families are not left homeless or having to endure even more financial worry during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Renters have been advised not to move by the government and have also banned the eviction of any tenants for 3 months in England and Wales. This ban was put in place on 20th March and while it is set for the next 90 days, it could be extended. 

All ongoing possession action for private and social tenants will be paused as well as homeowners under the firing line from mortgage lenders. This also means that any cases which are currently in the system or about to go in the system will be not be progressed to the stage of eviction until this pause is lifted and the Courts will no longer hear any applications for Notice to Quit (S21 and/or S8) until the end of September or longer. It is also required that a 3-month notice should be given to any tenants should the landlord intend to seek possession. 

The government has stressed that tenants are still liable for their rent and it is recommended that tenants still pay their rent as normal where possible, as arrears will still be expected to be paid in full. Where necessary, landlords and tenants should come to a payment agreement and maintain a working relationship to minimise the impact of Coronavirus on both parties.

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