Tenants & Landlords: Who Does What?

If you’ve never really lived on your own before, renting a property gets a huge thumbs up from us. It gives that little bit of independence without having to commit to anything long term. Plus, it usually means you don’t have to fork out when big things go wrong like a broken boiler or when the tap randomly stops working.

But with great renting comes great responsibility and although we have landlords and letting agents on hand to help with some things, there are ultimately going to be general issues tenants can take care of themselves.

Each tenancy agreement can be different and while some landlords may be more or less lenient than others, there is pretty much a general set of rules we can all live by. Unfortunately, over the years, the lines have become a little blurred and new research has shown that 43% of tenants are no longer sure which responsibilities fell with them or their landlords.

So, which responsibility falls where?

Below shows exactly where tenants get stumbled on what it is that falls under their responsibilities:

  • Furniture and Appliances = 14%
  • Fixtures and Fittings = 13%
  • Mould = 12%
  • Energy Efficiency = 6%
  • Utility Bills = 2%

Despite these figures, reports show that the majority of these property punters are very happy campers…or should we say renters. 85% of tenants were said to be satisfied with their landlord’s management of their home and that they most value honest landlords who get right on with the work that they’re responsible for. And with only 15% of tenants reporting an unresolved issue with their tenancies, looks like there’s more landlord loving than ever!+

Still unsure?

For anyone who still feels left in the dark, we came up with a handy guide that tells tenants exactly what jobs they need to step up and start taking responsibility for. Remember that little problems can turn into big problems so the sooner you tackle your jobs head on, the better. It can be confusing but if you're still unsure, talk to your agent about where your responsibilities lie.

It’s never nice when things go wrong or need repairing but it doesn’t always have to be a drama. Ascend are always here to help, so chat to us today. We’re happy to play the middle man and can answer any questions you might have. Call us on 0161 637 8336. 


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